Offline Funds Storage

We store the majority of our customer's funds in a secure offline wallet, with only a portion available in a 'hot' wallet for instant withdrawals. This method vastly improves security at a minor expense of large withdrawals requiring manual processing.

DDoS Protection & CDN Caching

We utilize a leading DDoS provider for all public facing content and cache all static content on a CDN to provide the fastest possible load times.

Logical & Physical Security

All website components are logically separated and protected by physical firewalls for increased security. All employees are required to connect to a secure VPN before gaining access to any systems.

Secure Website

All interaction with the website is required over HTTPS so all communication is encrypted via SSL.

Two-Factor Authentication

Customers can set up two-factor authentication for accounts with Google Authenticator to provide an extra layer of security.

Application Security

We use industry standard methods for preventing SQL Injection & XSS attacks on our website. In additional, all passwords & sensitive data are encrypted along with a static & random salt.